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How Sponge spicules work

Accelerate Metabolism

Spicule which are micro silicas with needle-like will enter into skin instantly once  touching, that will activate the micro circulation of mesoderm, and promote skin metabolism and improve metabolic capability of the epidermis.hydrolyzed sponge


Transdermal Absorption

Spicules will penetrate the cuticle in 3 seconds and relieve pores blocking, and create millions of passages to skin deep at the same time, by these passages the nutritious are delivered into skin deep, the absorptivity increases by tens of times instantly especially for macromolecular ingredients.Sponge spicules

Revitalize Skin Cells

By slight pressure the spicules will enter into skin deep and the skin cells revitalized.The cells of the epidermis become more active and produce more collagen in the meantime.Sponge spicules

Non-invasive Rejuvenation

The spicules enter into skin and reach the skin basal layer and activate basal mother cell's division. The keratinization of epidermal cells is accelerated and more collagen is produced to help the skin grow. Skin renewal cycle is shortened, old cells are naturally metabolized and peel, the non-invasive skin rejuvenation is realized.How Sponge spicules work