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Application Information

Basic Information:

Trade name: Sponge Spicule / Spongilla Spicule / Spicule Powder / Needles sponge extract

INCI name: Hydrolyzed Sponge

Purity: 20% ~ 99%

Form: Uniform fine powder, no odor

Color: White / Brown / Gray


1. Wide application:
Applicable for essence, gel, cream, paste, mask powder and mask mud etc.

2. Simple process:
Suitable for both hot process and cold process;

3. High stability:
It doesn’t react with any ingredients in INCI list, almost insoluble in water or oil. Suspend in the product by thickening.

Main Application area:

1. Penetration enhancer for skin face and scalp;

2. Abrasive for skin of face and body;

3. Skin metabolism promotion.

4. Accelerate skin regeneration.

Specification & Data

1. Length 180um ~ 350um

2. Diameter 10um ~20um

Percentage Suggestions:

1. 5%~100% in powder

2. 0.1%~20% in Essence/Gel

3. 0.1%~8% in cream

4. 5%~30% in Paste

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